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Concerts, parties and quality music with an understanding of the concept 15 years, Istanbul's summer classic Rod DREAM COFFEE, renewed again this summer with the concept of the most challenging locations. Near the sea which has a magnificent view of Istanbul Rod Hall, since 1995, with a quality of character, attitude and spirit of the guests are able to feel the first time.

By the summer of 2010 characters worthy of this special space is entered with innovations. Unique taste and great concert program with different concepts, as well as home to four famous restaurant is doing.

Istanbul's most popular entertainment and elegant dining of the Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Arabs and elegant flavors of Levantine dishes accompanied by live music offers to its guests. ADDULLAH fisherman's best fish restaurant in istanbul a daily frequenter of seafood to the menu that will satisfy. Antioch who moved to Istanbul and Gaziantep OTTOMAN taste the famous local deli meat and desserts, as well as offers a rich menu. Cihangir approach soon became famous FOL Artisan Burger hamburger with special awaits you at this season, Rod Hayal

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