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The oldest underground urban rail line in Istanbul is the TŁnel, which entered service on January 17, 1875. It is the world's second-oldest subterranean urban rail line after the London Underground (1863), and the first subterranean urban rail line in continental Europe; though the first full subway line with multiple underground stations in continental Europe was Line 1 of the Budapest Metro (1896). [edit] Istanbul LRT Main article: Istanbul LRT

Popular destinations served from Istanbul's BŁyŁk Otogar (Main Bus Terminal). Many are also served from the Harem Otogar on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus. Balkan and eastern-country routes are also served from the Emniyet Garaji. Click here for hotels in Turkey

TAV (Tepe-Akfen-Ventures) started its construction at the airport for new boarding gates at international terminal as well as building a new air traffic control tower. Unused facility buildings are demolished and 3 new boarding bridges are being built. When the new tower is completed, the old one will be demolished.When the international terminal is expanded, some of the jet ways will be left to the domestics terminal which are on the west of the international terminal, connected to it. Also there is a plan to build another runway parallel to runway 06/24, so when the original runway 06/24 is under repair, this runway will be able to handle the traffic without any problem. But to work on this project, the military land is a fact of negotiation between the authorities as the space for new runway belongs to military. Also there are plans to expand the length of the runway 06/24 as well, by this way, runway will be able to handle larger aircraft as most airlines started to fly to Istanbul with larger aircrafts.

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