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The Istanbul Metro, or the M2, is a mass-transit underground railway network that serves the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2000, it now includes 11 stations. The system currently consists of a single north-south line. It is serpentine shaped and is fully underground, running from the Darüssafaka station in the north to the Sishane station at Beyoglu in the south. Tunnel Main article: Tünel

The oldest underground urban rail line in Istanbul is the Tünel, which entered service on January 17, 1875. It is the world's second-oldest subterranean urban rail line after the London Underground (1863), and the first subterranean urban rail line in continental Europe; though the first full subway line with multiple underground stations in continental Europe was Line 1 of the Budapest Metro (1896). [edit] Istanbul LRT Main article: Istanbul LRT

The Istanbul LRT, which consists of the M1 and T4 lines, with a total of 36 stations (including 12 underground and 3 viaduct stations) entered service on September 3, 1989. The total length of the Istanbul LRT network is 32 kilometres (10.4 kilometres underground.)

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